What is a farm share?


A farm share is a program in which a community of like-minded customers come together to support a local farm and to share in the abundance of local vegetables. It is a weekly commitment for the entire growing season - this means that from June to September you will be eating in-season vegetables that are grown naturally in the Ottawa Valley. The benefits for us as farmers are the ability to better plan our growing season and that we receive payment at the beginning of the year (when our costs are highest).


The plan is to run for 15 weeks, beginning in June, and the price will be $35 per week. This can be paid either in a single $525 or in three 5 week installments.

What about missed weeks?


Everyone has other things going on during the summer, so there may be weeks where you aren't home to receive your delivery. Generally we handle missed weeks in one of 3 ways:

- You can have your basket delivered to a friend or neighbour nearby so they can try it.

- We can find a local family in need and donate your basket to them.

- We will credit you the $35 for that week towards either a future farm share or a beef order.

If these solutions don't work for you (ie. you will be gone for half the summer), contact us and we may be able to work something out.

What vegetables can you expect?


The key thing to remember with farm shares is that you are eating seasonally. Not every vegetable will be available at the same time as that is not how they grow locally. This list is not exhaustive, but in general you can expect the following:

Weeks 1 to 5 - This is mostly greens and leafy veggies such as kale, swiss chard, lettuces, spinach. You can also expect radishes, green onions, and rhubarb.

Weeks 6-10 - This is the best part of the summer. We get into tomatoes, beans, some carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, and a few peppers. You will also still be getting some of the hardier leafy greens.

Weeks 11-15 - Most beans, carrots, onions, and some tomatoes will still be abundant during this period. Peppers and hot peppers will be ripening. Towards the end of the season there will be lots of different squash varieties.

Is a farm share right for you?


Farm shares are a significant commitment to your health and to your farmer, and it isn't for every person or family. It not only means eating lots of veggies, but also that you will be eating what grows naturally in your local area during any particular time of year. In a way you are also taking some of the same risks that the farmer takes - sharing in the harvest through the good and the bad yields.

Do you enjoy the taste and healthy punch of leafy greens?

Do you love a variety of vegetables?

Would you enjoy the challenge of adjusting your cooking habits to accommodate a changing menu of veggies?

Are you interested not just eating locally but developing a strong relationship with your food and the farm it comes from?

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