Wrapping up Market Season with a Bang!

The frosts are getting frequent, and there's a bit of a nip in the air.

Over the past few weeks, we've been wrapping up our market season for the year. We started attending the Eganville Farmer's Market earlier this summer, and as you probably know we had a great time. That market wrapped up Thanksgiving weekend.

We also gave 'Taste of the Valley' in Cobden try, which is a one-day farm and craft market that is extremely popular in our area. It took place this weekend, and so the Sharpe's were up at 5AM on Saturday morning getting the truck packed in the dark. It was a long day, but once the sun came up it shone all day and we enjoyed a wonderful morning and afternoon!

It has been a very cool experience meeting new customers and discussing all things beef.

We got our feet wet in the market life in Eganville, but Taste of the Valley was an action packed day. Thousands of people attend the event, which meant hundreds of hello's and many many conversations for us on Saturday.

Taste of the Valley booth all set up.

Our longhorn skulls did their job in attracting passersby to our booth (and a few of those skulls even found new homes to hang in). It was truly great to have some in depth chats about grass fed & grass finished animals, the benefits of texas longhorn beef, and all the great ways of cooking beef that we're so passionate about.

By the end of the day we had very nearly sold out, which was the last of our beef. This means that we'll now be patiently waiting until the end of the month when our next two animals are coming back from the butcher.  They have about another week of dry aging to go...and you can't rush that!

We're very grateful to have had the opportunity to share our beef with so many new people who had never tried or sometimes even heard of texas longhorn beef. We're also very excited that there are a few more living rooms out there now like ours - with an Opeongo Longhorn skull hanging on the wall.

We have one more market event to go this year, and we'd love for you to come...

There is going to be an awesome event in Eganville this coming Friday evening (the 25th) from 5PM to 9PM at Fifth Chute Coffee Shop.

The shop is hosting some amazing local vendors and it promises to be a lovely evening. We won't actually have any product since Taste of the Valley went so well for us...but we'll be there to chat all things beef and to take pre-orders for November.

We would love to see you there, but if you can't make it then we hope you enjoy the last few weeks of fall. As I mentioned, we plan to be fully stocked for beef by November, but won't be sending any more animals until next spring - so if you want to get in a winter-beef order then get in touch soon.

All the best!

Willie & Jorie

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