Turn Any Room into the Wild Wild West

Calling all cowboys, cowgirls, western movie junkies and college football fans.

We've got skulls for sale!

Texas Longhorns are beautiful animals, and are stunning to look at out in the field.

But part of raising beef cattle is harvesting animals, and so when we do that we think it's important to make full use of them. And so another place that longhorns look great is on the wall.

Since our first beef harvest, I've been skinning, cleaning, and processing the skulls as trophies. But not every animal has a truly impressive set of horns, and not every processing job (at least for a beginner) is a success.

This all means that until we started selling enough beef, that trophy skulls were few and far between...and our own living room wall took priority. After all, what kind of longhorn ranch doesn't have a set of horns hanging in their log barn home?

But as we grow, we do have a few available for sale. Here are some pictures of a couple that are ready to go and there are a few more work in progresses that will be ready soon.

How does the processing work?

Well first off there are several permits required for transportation, processing and selling of livestock skulls. Once that paperwork is done, we can bring home our heads from the butcher.  The horns are boiled in a large trough until they soften and can be slipped off the cores. The horn is actually like a giant fingernail-like shell over a bony and vascular core. Once off, the rest of the skull is alternatively boiled and cleaned several times until all that is left is bone.

The clean skulls are left out in the sun to dry and bleach, then after a few weeks soaked in a bleach and water bath. At this point the horns are ready to be reattached and the polishing begins. After polishing the whole thing, they're sealed with a clear coat (we're experimenting with a few) and mounted with hanging hardware!

That's the quick less graphic explanation...if you're interested in the more detailed process feel free to give me a shout!

So at the end of the day, we're left with some gorgeous wall art that we're now able to make available to you. Every skull is unique, and they are priced accordingly - but most will work out to be in the $300 to $500 range. This is based on the quality of the skull but also the hands on work put into the process.

So dress up the cottage, man-cave, lady-lounge, garage, restaurant, or living room with a real texas longhorn skull!

Interested in buying one? Or have a creative idea for another way of finishing them? Just let me know!

All the best,

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