The $12 tool you need to change your Grill Game

How do you like your beef?

Medium? Rare? Medium rare? Hockey puck?

If you've ever had trouble hitting your perfect preferred done-ness, then just know that your goal is only about $10 away.

This is the cheapest meat thermometer on Amazon, and it rings in at under $12. Perhaps you're a grilling savant, and always just 'know' when your beef is done. But if you're not, a cheap meat thermometer could be the key to taking your game to the next level.

This email isn't about what result is best (although our opinion is that rare to medium rare is the sweet spot). Instead, we just want to help you get exactly what you like.

Once you have your trusty meat probe, you can use this handy chart to hit that temperature and your perfect steak. One tip is to target the bottom/middle of your desired temperature range, because after you remove the beef from the heat it will continue cooking.

You may also have heard of the 'touch' test. This is where you poke the beef and based on it's firmness you can supposedly judge how well done it is. While theoretically this is true, there are so many other factors (cut, tenderness, thickness, breed, etc) that could also impact how a piece of beef feels. Without  lots of experience and consistently eating the same cuts, I'm not sure how effective it can be. A meat probe is a much more precise method.

Happy grilling this summer!

Willie & Jorie

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