Secrets of a GREAT Burger

Today, we talk the secrets of burgers.

Boy oh boy do we love burgers. And that's why we decided to do some research into building the best burger possible. Here's what we've learned, as well as a bit of a promotion you won't want to miss (link at the bottom of the email).

We've done a lot of testing, both with our own beef and at any burger truck or restaurant that looks delicious. And like with our steak method, we've found that when working with quality ingredients, the simpler the better. This method results in juicy, flavour-filled burgers with a crumbly texture that falls apart in your mouth.

We'll start with making the patties. Should you use oats, or bread crumbs? Nope. How many eggs? Nope. What spices do you mix in? Nope. How long do you have to massage/mix the ground beef? Nope again.

It turns out that burger patties should be made of burger, and the less that you touch them the better. All of these other methods make for pastier, glue-like burgers. Bread is just filler. Eggs make the patty sticky. If your spices include salt then you're over-tenderizing already ground meat (if you mix it in ahead of time). The more you massage the beef, the more compacted it will end up in the burger. Build burgers not hockey pucks.

Another important factor is the quality of your ground beef...if only you knew a farmer who raised excellent beef :)

This is not just referring to 'medium', or 'extra lean'. Go to a reputable butcher or farmer, or order some off our website. Common grocery store beef often has far too much moisture to cook out. This means you're steaming your meat, not grilling it.

Quality beef should be ground from premium cuts of meat and not just the leftover trim waste from butchering. Look for beef with a fairly coarse grind - for burgers you don't want your ground beef to be approaching the consistency of paté.

Willie & Jorie

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