Our new hangout spot!

It's been a busy few weeks here at the farm.

Of course, we've been busy finishing up the hay season and working on the never ending project that is our house. But the bigger news is that we've been spending our Fridays hanging out in a cool new spot.

We've become Eganville Farmer's Market vendors!

Farmer's markets have always seemed like a lot of work, and we've generally sold out of our beef before being able to think about selling at a market. But as our herd grows we've been able to have a little bit more supply and thought that the local market would be a great way to connect with our community and meet new people.

And it has been.

This weekend was our 3rd visit to the Eganville market, and I'm sure we'll make it a regular occurrence. We've met so many great local farmers, have had wonderful chats with potential customers, and even sold a little bit of beef.

Willie hanging out behind a bunch of Jorie made signs.

The way we see it, if we can make enough to cover all the other wonderful goodies we buy from other vendors while we're there, then we're doing OK. It's an awesome way to spend a Friday afternoon.

'Granny and Grumpa' stop by the farm to watch Wallace when we're getting ready to leave for the market. The plan has been for them to babysit for a while, and maybe bring the baby into Eganville towards the end of the market if she gets cranky.

But about 15 minutes later, they show up while we're setting up (before the market even starts). So in reality, it's a multi generation family market day. And it's been awesome. The grandparents entertain Wallace more than we ever could, Wallace entertains market patrons by running (assisted) up and down the aisle, and everyone has a great time out in the fresh air. We love it.

So if you're in the area on Fridays, feel free to stop by! The market is from 2-6PM at Legion Field in Eganville.

Willie & Jorie

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