Meet the Family!

This week we wanted to catch up and properly introduce the family behind the farm!

Our community ranges from friends that we've known for years to like-minded people that we've just met. And so we thought that it might be appropriate to do a quick bio and extremely short version of our story.

Three years ago, we were living in Toronto and getting ready to move to our recently purchased farm in the Ottawa Valley. It was an abandoned property, and we had spent the previous year visiting on every free weekend trying to establish ourselves here. We had just gotten our first cows (a gift from Lululemon to Jorie for being awesome). And so we quit our jobs and packed up for the Opeongo.

We spent the next 3 years slowly building our life and farm.

We have been converting a broken old horse barn into a cabin and then a home.

We'built a barn and then got married in it.

We bought more cows and watched calves be born as our herd grew.

We lived a year without proper electricity and two years without running water.

We've had chickens and dogs and puppies and goats and sheep. Then we came to our senses and now just have cows and dogs.

We brought home the most beautiful little baby.

That's  our story - the quick and dirty version anyways.

So who's behind all this madness? Let's quickly meet the Sharpes!

The Fam behind the Jam

Jorie jokes that behind every successful farmer is a wife who works in town. While the beef business has been in it's infancy, she has continued to work for Lululemon, and now is taking care of  our beautiful daughter. Jorie is a beef sales-lady extraordinaire. She loves popcorn, she has a budding crochet business, and her favourite spot on the property features heavily in all our farm tours.

Willie runs most of the day to day on the farm. He handles the cattle, builds the buildings and fences, and spends all Jorie's money. He loves his time outside, extreme DIYing, and bites off far more than he can chew. Willie enjoys hosting visitors and sharing the farm experience with others.

Wallace (or Wally) contributes mostly giggles, smiles, and high pitched screams. She isn't the best manual labourer yet, but based on her energy level it won't take long.

So that's us! We'd love to hear more about what you're up to as well, and if you'd like to see around the farm or hear more about what we're up to then you absolutely have to stop by for a visit. Just let us know and we can arrange something!

Willie & Jorie

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