How you're helping make 'Happy Beef'

Have you tried 'Happy Beef'?

We recently had a reader give us some feedback about one of our emails. She said that she loved hearing about the day to day on the farm (specifically that we rotated our animals regularly through new pastures). Her reasoning was that usually our communication is focused on what value we can bring to you as a customer – which is helpful – but that it was nice to hear the opposite as well.

She enjoyed hearing how her purchase brought value to the farm and the animals on it.

And that’s a great point! Because it’s true that everyone who buys a pound of ground beef or has recommended us to a friend has contributed to the well-being of our cattle and the creation of a high quality product.

Another one of our customers’ family literally calls our beef their ‘happy beef’. Presumably, this is because he came one evening this summer to pick up an order and we took a few minutes to go find the cows and see how well they were doing.

Beef raised Happy.

We spend a lot of time communicating with new customers about why our beef is amazing, and how to successfully cook it for a great experience.

But once you’ve made that decision to buy our beef, what does that mean for us and our cattle?

The short answer is it means a lot. We started here from scratch, which means that every new pasture fenced, every needed piece of equipment or tool, and every process improvement requires an investment.

And for the long answer, we've decided to write more often about how we manage things here day to day, the projects we’re working on to improve the well-being of our herd, and the challenges that come with all that.

We work hard to keep our herd healthy and happy, but it’s important to remember that our community of customers is the driving force behind being able to do that.

So thank you! And stay tuned for a few more educational pieces on exactly how your support makes an impact.

Willie & Jorie

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