Happy Spring 2020

Happy Spring to you and your family.

It's been a while since we sent out an update...intentionally or unintentionally, we seem to have taken the winter off in that regard! But things have been busy, and everyone is well here at the farm and we're gearing up for another (although likely modified) season of bringing you beef. A few highlights from our winter:

Willow had puppies! It was her first (and last) litter. The puppies were beautiful and all found homes. Now Willow is getting fat and settling into her old lady of the farm role.

Wallace turned 1! We celebrated a first birthday in January, and Jorie baked an awesome cake that Wallace was even allowed to eat.

Only one major equipment breakdown! The tractor breaking down is a pretty big deal in the winter because it's how we clear snow and feed the cows. It's also way less fun to diagnose and fix in the cold. But compared to past winters, this was reasonably fix-free.

Two calves born so far! We had a couple of early calves this year, and both are getting along swimmingly. Hopefully another 8 or so to go this spring/summer. Overall, we had a lot to be grateful for this winter. We even sold out of beef, when normally the winter is a little bit quieter season for us. That was great on one hand, but also means we haven't had a good burger in weeks! If you're suffering from the same problem, we currently have our spring harvest hanging at the butcher, aging to perfection before being cut. Can't rush good beef! Everything should be ready before May 24 weekend, and we're doing pre-orders until then so just get in touch. Hope you and yours are all doing well, had a good winter, and are getting out to enjoy some of the sunshine so far this spring! All the best, Willie & Jorie & Wallace

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