Happy MOOOO-ther's Day!

Wishing the happiest day to all you mothers out there!

This is a special Mother’s Day for us, as it’s the first one we’re sharing as a new family. Jorie is 4 months in to the whirlwind of motherhood, and it’s safe to say that she’s becoming a wonderful mother to our little daughter Wallace.

Jorie likes to joke that ‘behind every great farmer…is a wife who works in town’. The joke is that while farming may seem like a great idea, it’s arguable whether it’s the soundest financial decision. And so while she also obviously helped around the farm, Jorie spent the last year working a job in the city to help fund our crazy ideas (oh and also she grew a baby I guess).

But now she is home on mat leave with baby Wallace, and it has been wonderful having the family together every day.

There are some things that money can’t buy. Seeing Jorie care for and teach Wallace. Watching Wallace inspire and challenge Jorie. These are experiences that I am so grateful to have, and a reminder of the beauty of being able to live, work, and provide for ourselves on the farm.

So this Mother’s Day, I just wanted to give a shout out to the woman who builds babies and brings home the bacon. To celebrate, today we took a walk to our ‘favourite spot’, and enjoyed the sunny afternoon with a picnic of wine, good cheese, and cured meats.

But it’s also true that we have quite a few moms here at Opeongo Springs. Mothers are the bread and butter (or more accurately, the beef) of our whole operation. Most of our cows are amazing mothers, and the fact that they are makes our lives so much easier in managing the farm.

Good mommas make happy and healthy calves.

In fact, these four kiddos got together and wanted me to pass along that they wish all the mommas out there the happiest MOOOOOO-thers Day ever!

Willie & Jorie

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