Happy Easter! (And the Flood)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

We had a few different ideas of what to discuss in this update. At first we considered writing about the veggie gardens we’re starting to plant this week. We thought about telling you the secrets to searing your beef properly. We contemplated sharing our plans for spring.

And then the flood came.

Umm...where did the back yard and road go?

Listening to local news or radio, I’m sure many of you have heard the flood warnings surrounding the Ottawa River. Some of you may even have been impacted, and if so we salute you. Well here at Opeongo Springs, we also got hit by a flood.

This is our driveway - dropped Wallace off on the far side and now on the way back to grab Jorie!

Interestingly we are actually quite far from the Ottawa River, and relatively high in terms of elevation. However we’re also right across the road from a mountain, surrounded by swampland, and have a major creek a few hundred feet from the house.

So when it hits, it hits.

We often get some flooding in the spring as the natural state of things. However in the 4 years we’ve seen here, this has definitely been the worst. The house is currently completely encircled by a moat – little Wallace is getting her first experience as a princess in a castle!

The 3 acre field behind the house is now a 3 acre river. We could take a canoe in between our raised garden beds to do our planting if we wanted. And it sounds like we have a waterfall inside the house.

Some of the erosion damage on the road to the barn.

On the plus side, we love the sound of running water. We're optimistic that the erosion damage isn’t too bad once the water all clears – unfortunately we did a lot of work around the house in the fall so quite a bit of uncovered gravel is being washed away. And we also are crossing our fingers that that the septic and septic lines aren’t too damaged by the new river currently flowing over and around them.

Such is life. In other news, our first spring butcher is coming up, and beef will be available in about 3 weeks. So if you’ve been pondering an order make sure to get it in ASAP before this round sells out.

All the best and happy Easter!

Willie & Jorie

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