Half a Cow?

We have a cow in need of a good home.

Well, half a cow in need of a good home. This home should have lots of freezer space to roam around in. Ideally it will also be a steak and burger loving environment. We're selling half a cow! Sorry to tug on your heartstrings, but you can take solace knowing that this cow did have a good home, and was raised in the best way possible. In general we find that our 20lb or 40lb freezer boxes work best for our customers. However every once in a while we have someone ask about a 1/2 or a 1/4 cow. Usually we say that it's something we don't generally do. But we had a request for a 1/2 recently and decided to give it a try! Why? Well because it's a really great way to promote eating 'nose to tail'. This means you get to try and enjoy every part of the animal and truly get the full experience. Plus, it means saving a little bit of money for those who like to stock up. So half of this cow has already found a home, and we'd like to find a suitable home for the other half. How does buying a half a cow work? Just let us know you'd like it, put down a deposit, and then we'll work out the details of how you'd like it all cut. More roasts? More steak? Burgers? You decide for each cut. Delivery will be in mid-august. The quick and easy info here is that you would be receiving about 120-150lbs of beef including all your steaks, roasts, burger, stew beef, soup bones, and offal. The overall pricing is $10.50/lb of your take home weight. What is take home weight? It's the actual beef you take home. One thing we do differently is we won't be charging by the 'hanging weight'. Often 1/2 or 1/4 cows are priced per lb hanging weight, which actually means per lb before any cutting is done. This measurement includes all the bones and trimming and is taken before aging (you'd be surprised how much water weight evaporates). The cut/wrap fees are charged based on this as well. Because take home can be 60-75% of your hanging weight, all-in-all you can be quoted a per lb price that can actually be close to doubled by the time you get it home and in the freezer.  We have more experience pricing our beef by take home weight and so are going to price this 1/2 cow the same way - that way we know you're getting great value. Plus it's less confusing. So if you want to stock up, or save some money, or enjoy the experience of eating nose-to-tail...just let me know and we'll get you set up! As we're trying this out, there's only 1 more half available and if there is a lot of interest we'll do it again this fall. Hope you're enjoying the weather! Willie & Jorie

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