Cuteness Overload

Today I just wanted to share one of the cuter things that happened in the last few weeks.

It's been a very busy and a little bit crazy few weeks. We're going through the pre-winter crush of having to get everything done before snow hits. We've also nearly sold out of beef (until end of October). And last week, we had a pretty exciting market day - we'll share that story next week so stay tuned.

But this week, I wanted to share a new calf!

Most of our cows calved in the spring or early summer. We've been anxiously waiting for our cow Tulip to calve, because her first two calves died suddenly or were stillborn. This was her 'last chance' year so to speak, and it seemed strange that she hadn't calved yet.

Thankfully, about 2 weeks ago she popped - and what a beautiful calf she had.

Here is Tulip, her new calf Bulbasaur, and proud daddy Big D.

In spring it is often easier to track down new calves because the herd has less pasture. However at this time of year the herd is ranging far and wide, so the mother often hides the calf while she feeds or gets water. This makes it tough to find the little newborn to make sure it's OK.

So I spent a few mornings in a row taking Wallace for walks to look for the calf. And finally, it was found nestled in the forest!

A wild photo shoot ensued.

With the herd elsewhere and the calf taken care of, I decided it would be a terrible waste to not grab a few shots with Wally, who loves animals already.

The calf is still doing well. And we also realized that he is our first calf out of our current bull, Duramax. This means he won't be related to anyone else except his mother, so if he impresses over the next year he might be a bull for us in the future!

Talk to you next week.

Willie & Jorie

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