Cuteness hitting the ground!

Here's an I Spy Easter egg hunt for you...

See any little surprises hiding in this picture?

I Spy with my little eye, something that looks like snow and hay...

It's a calf!

Springtime means the beginning of calving season and it's always a fun guessing game trying to figure out who is going to have their calf first.

Our first calf of the year.

Well this week we got our answer, and it was big momma Spitfire. She gave birth to this lovely bull calf. Isn't he a lovely little dude? Everyone is happy and healthy and the little man is running around lots.

Mother & son photo op.

It's a great start, but just the now, we wait until the next one pops!

Hope you're doing well and enjoying the spring so far.

All the best,

Willie & Jorie

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