A Successful Farm-Steak Dinner!

Wow! What a weekend.

Friday afternoon we spent at the Eganville Farmers' Market as usual, and had a great time. It's really quite nice seeing regular customers every week and catching up with people from the area. Jorie helped to organize the annual chili cook off this year which was a lot of fun. We also picked up a few delicious ingredients from some farmer friends.

Then on Saturday was the long-awaited steak dinner on the farm.

We spend most of the day cooking and getting the house ready (isn't company a great excuse to finally clean up?). Around 4 o'clock our guests arrived, and we spent a couple of lovely hours walking the property and enjoying the sunshine. We sampled some apples from one of our elderly apple trees, and we visited the cattle.

Eventually we wandered back to the house where Jorie had some of Gigi's Crackers (also picked up at the Eganville market) and beef liver pate ready to go while we chatted and did a bit of a house tour. Once the pate had everyone's belly rumbling, we settled down at the dinner table and got the cast iron going on the stove.

Four minutes per side later, the steak was ready. We had filet-mignon with our favourite coffee dry rub, well seared and basted in butter. While the steak was resting, some beans from our friends at Wallridge Farms went into the pan to sautee and soak up the leftover butter.

And just like that, dinner was ready.

We had also prepped a savoury potato & sausage salad earlier as another side dish (definitely have to write down the recipe for this one). There wasn't a whole lot of talking for a minute or two as everyone got to try everything. I know I found it all delicious, and I'm pretty sure we all did.

The whole dinner was capped off with a peach sheet-pie from Fifth Chute coffee shop in Eganville. Made with Ontario peaches and paired with an Ethiopian espresso (also from Fifth Chute), it was a dessert to remember.

All I can say is, wow...what a night.

Not only was the food wonderful, but the company was also amazing. Nancy, Horst, Chris, Anne, and Erin made for a great dinner party. Stories were shared, questions asked and answered, laughter had by all. It was so enjoyable to get to know everyone that much better. Once our guests had gone home, we actually actually sat around for another hour just talking about how much fun we had.

This was our first event like this, and we absolutely can't wait to do it again.

If it was a test run, it was a huge success. We will definitely be planning similar dinners in the future, but another great way for it to happen is if you build party of people yourself and then reach out to us to plan a date. I think that we could accommodate a group anywhere from 2 to 6 people.

Until next week, all the best!

Willie & Jorie

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