Why Grass Fed?


If you are a regular consumer of animal products, you need to not only think about the meat you are eating, but what that animal ate. In our case, the answer is easy:


The list of the things we don't do on our farm (no added hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, no corn, etc.) is too long to list so it's easier to just say what we do. We allow our longhorns to raise their young NATURALLY and we feed them GRASS.

From Day 1 until Butcher Day...GRASS.

The only supplements we use are trace minerals and salt because most soil in Ontario is mineral deficient.

What does all that grass mean? It means incredibly healthy beef and very rich flavouring.

Why Longhorn Beef?


The major benefits of grass feeding get multiplied when talking about Texas Longhorn beef. Longhorns are a historic breed that hasn't just been bred to gain weight as quickly as possible. This means longhorns grow slowly and naturally.

And slow growth gives flavour. It layers on delicious beefiness over years instead months. The difference in taste is real.

What about aging?

We dry age all our beef a minimum of 21 days. Even our ground beef is aged. Why? Because we want to produce the best quality beef you've ever tried - and aging to 21 days concentrates the flavour and greatly improves the tenderness.

How do you get it?

After you place an order, we'll arrange a time to get you your beef. Many of our customers come to visit the farm and pick it up themselves. We also personally deliver across Ottawa and the Valley - to Ottawa, Arnprior, Renfrew, Eganville, Pembroke, and in between. If you're not sure about your location, just reach out and we'll let you know if if we can make it work!

Wondering about freezer space? A 20lb order is about 1 cubic foot (a milk crate) and should fit into a standard fridge freezer easily. For 40lb and larger orders you should probably own a small chest freezer.


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